Senior School


In the senior school we recognise the importance of our Year 5 and 6 students having the opportunity to feel confident as leaders of our school. We support our young leaders to initiate positive change within our school and community by exploring different leadership styles and building their individual confidence and self-belief.


Student voice is important to us at Cheltenham Primary School. We provide a number of authentic leadership opportunities for our students. These include:

  • conducting school assemblies
  • peer mediation
  • mentoring a Foundation buddy and aspiring leaders in the Middle school
  • coordinating sports activities and sporting days
  • assisting in open mornings and evenings, school tours and community events

Students are also engaged in a range of co-curricular activities including: school sporting teams, senior band and senior school production, each year.

As a STEAM school we encourage and facilitate a culture of problem solving within our students to best prepare them for secondary school. Our STEAM curriculum framework has been a very exciting opportunity for our senior school students.  Our BER learning space has become a place where our students work collaboratively together and are immersed in a range of authentic learning experiences, which engage them in real-world problem solving.


In the senior school, we are focused on academic excellence and the development of socially capable individuals. We are dedicated to developing the 21st century skills that our students need to acquire in order to prepare them for their preferred future. We promote global and digital citizenship within our students so that they will have the skills of problem solving, creativity, collaboration and a global mindset to operate and navigate through whatever the future may hold. Our students are required to document their learning journey, as we consider the reflection process is essential to a growth mindset and the development of personal and interpersonal learning.

Through a problem based inquiry approach we have been able to develop in our students an understanding of the importance of resilience and positive psychology. At Cheltenham Primary School we aim to foster resilient learners who understand how to:

  • use their personal resources
  • recover well from failure
  • be persistent and move forward
  • be socially inclusive and bring people together


We believe resilience and a growth mindset are powerful tools to help maintain ‘balance’ in an ever-changing world.

The Senior School is an exciting place to learn and grow as our students’ transition into their secondary education and beyond!

Please click on the link below to access curriculum information specific to 2019

Senior School Curriculum Information 2019