School Council



The School Council is made up of representatives of parents, teachers and the wider community. School Council together with the Principal are responsible for managing the school. Schools are now self-managing and responsible for the decisions made.

Some of the School Council duties include:

  • To offer advice to the Principal regarding general educational requirements of our school community
  • To generally oversee the maintenance and care of the school buildings and grounds
  • To ensure all necessary services are maintained
  • To supervise expenditure of monies derived from levies, voluntary contributions, fund-raising and Government grants.
  • To generally stimulate interest in the school and support the staff.
  • To provide additional equipment and facilities not provided or funded by the Government, to enhance children’s learning opportunities.

School Council meets once a month. In order to organise and carry out the various responsibilities and duties of the Council, various sub-committees operate. At Cheltenham Primary School we have the following sub-committees:

  • Finance
  • School Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Grants Committee

Elections for the School Council are held every year, usually around March. The members of our current School Council are:

Parent Representatives

Matthew Mackay (President)

Amanda Campbell

Phillippa Martin

Denise Rejda

Ben Shepherd

Department of Education and Training Representatives

Bronwyn Morgan (Executive Officer)

Judy Harrington

Michael Neal

Co-opted Community Members

Peter Cutting (Vice-President/Treasurer)