You Can Do It

Cheltenham Primary school is proud to be a You Can Do it School. The YCDI program is integrated into all areas of school life.

The You Can Do It program’s main purpose is in identifying the social and emotional capabilities that all children need to acquire in order to be successful in school. It ensures their wellbeing, and encourages them to have positive relationships including making contributions to others and the community (good citizenship).

There are 5 YDCI keys which are the foundations of the YCDI program

  • Getting Along
  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Organisation
  • Resilience

At Cheltenham Primary School we focus on a new key each term. Each week a child from every grade receives a You Can Do it award for demonstrating qualities of the key. They receive a certificate in assembly on Monday morning and then celebrate with the Principal and Assistant Principal, where they discuss the reason they received the award.

Watch a movie of Grade 2CF singing a song about Confidence

The children in the Junior school who receive an award also have the honour of wearing a You Can Do it cape for the week. This shows everyone in the school how well they have done. Each YCDI key is represented by a colour and the capes correspond to this.

Each month a special Rotary award is presented to a Grade 5/6 student who has demonstrated all of the 5 YCDI keys.

The YCDI program is integrated into all aspects of school life at Cheltenham Primary school. YCDI lessons are taught in all Grade levels as well as the YCDI language being used throughout the school.

“If I want to be a footy player when I grow up I will need to be persistent so even if I don’t get picked first I won’t give up. I will need to be resilient and bounce back if someone knocks me down. I will have to get along with my team mates well and I will have to be organised so that I remember my footy kit and where the game is being played”  Thomas 3S

We even have YCDI flags on our oval.

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