Premiers' Reading Challenge

Welcome to the Premiers’ Reading Challenge

Cheltenham Primary School has enthusiastically participated in the Premiers’ Reading Challenge (PRC) since its inception. This important literacy initiative fosters a love of reading for all participants from Prep to Grade 6.

Did you know that reading to young children every day has enormous benefits for their brain development, thinking skills and language? Young children who are read to regularly also do better at school according to a study conducted by the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research and funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Students are asked to record all the books they read in an 8 month period, with a minimum book number requirement depending on their year level. Each year, 5 students from Cheltenham Primary School are awarded the role of Challenge Champions to promote the PRC and encourage their peers to discover the joys of reading.

To find out more about the PRC visit or contact the Cheltenham Primary School PRC co-ordinator.

” I enjoy reading “Ella and Olivia” books. I like all books written by Holly Webb, such as “The Kitten that nobody wanted’ and “Smudge the stolen kitten”. They are great stories about kitten adventures. My favourite book is “Lucy the Poorly Puppy” by Holly Webb.

The book is about a dog called Bella who has puppies. But when the puppies are born, one is so tiny, Mum and dad aren’t sure if it will pull through. The littlest is called Lucy. When I read, it makes me feel like I am part of an adventure.”

Grade 2

” I love Holly Webb. I like puppy and pony stories.  I love reading Holly Webb and Scooby Doo stories.  The best thing about reading is that I have fun”

Grade 2

“Possum magic” I enjoy.  I like “Frog Prince” and animals.  My favourite authors are Dr Seuss, Kerrylee Maclean, Mem Fox and Julie Vivas. The best thing about reading is some adventures in some books, it takes me to another world”

Grade 2

“I like “Pippi Longstocking” by Astrid Lindgren”


” I like reading fairy tales.  My favourites are “Cinderella”, “Rapunzel”,”Where’s Wally”, “Wonder Book”, “Wishing Chair” and “Pippi Longstocking”.  I wish I could write my own stories.  The best thing about books is reading and looking at pictures too!”

Grade 1

“I like to read funny stories eg. “Just Stupid” by Andy Griffiths: Adventures stories eg “Pokemon – Journey to the Orange islands” by Tracy West and scary stories eg “The Curse of Camp Cold lake” by R.L.Stine.  My favourite authors would have to be R.L Stine, Andy griffiths, Tracy West and Geronimo Stilton.  The best thing about reading for me would probably be that I learn lots of new things and get lots of new ideas.  I love reading and think others should too!”

Grade 4