Our Staff


School Leadership:

Principal:  Ms Bronwyn Morgan

Assistant Principal:  Mr Robert Ridgway

Foundation Leader:  Miss Kinga Ritchie

Junior School Leader:  Mrs Louise Dleski

Middle School Leader: Mrs Tanya Wells

Senior School Leader :  Miss Jess Coles


Teaching Teams:

Foundation (Year 0):  Mr Richard Earl, Miss Rachel Edmond, Miss Kinga Ritchie, and Ms Kim Ng

Junior School (Year 1):  Mr Arthur Chronopoulos, Mrs Rosemary Godina/Mrs Doris Holley and Miss Jennifer Ashburn

Junior School (Year 2): Mrs Ilana Arndtheim, Mrs Louise Dleski and Mr David Senior

Middle School (Year 3): Mr Brett Page, Miss Holly Smith and Mrs Tanya Wells

Middle School (Year 4): Mr Daniel Harrington, Miss Victoria John and Mr Michael Neal

Senior School (Years 5/6): Mrs Andi Carlisle, Miss Jess Coles, Mrs Bronwyn Fitzgerald, Miss Jessica McDonald and Mr Jordan Orr



Specialist Staff:

Science: Mrs Andrea Kinsey

Early Intervention:Mrs Chris Day

Library: Mrs Isobel Rose (ES)

Physical Education: Miss Jaimee Rixon

Kitchen Classroom: Mrs Jennifer Leason (ES)

Performing Arts: Mrs Carol Ray

Visual Arts: Mrs Carol Kozlowski

First Aid Officer:  Mrs Rebecca Leslie (ES)

Languages Other than English (LOTE- German):  Mrs Heike Barker

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC – Camp Australia): Sumara


Office Staff:

Business Managers:  Mrs Wendy Sheppard (Mon-Wed) & Mrs Jezz Langworthy (Tues-Fri)

Office Managers:  Mrs Robyn Colbert (Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri)


Education Support Staff:

Teacher Aides: Ms Sheryl Urban, Mrs Margaret Dillon, Mr Caleb Knappett and Ms Kim Jones-Denholm