Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships is a sub – committee of School Council. Its main purpose is to maintain and promote partnerships within the local community, with a goal to ensuring the school’s excellent educational reputation is upheld and enhanced within the local community. The committee consists of teachers, parents and community members.

The central tenet of this committee is to assist in building rapport and strengthening relations with all members of the community through dialogue, sharing of information, events and functions. It has assisted the school in identifying unvended prospects through targeted analysis including grant applications, and from advertising and promotions. It has assisted in creating channels for all levels of external communication. Research indicates that connectedness with the community has proved to be a significant factor in an effective school. Examples of these relationships are collaborative programs with fellow Beachside Cluster schools, publicity through the local media, strategic alliance arrangements with local businesses including the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce, Cheltenham Pharmacy First, Bendigo Bank and Aitken Real Estate.