Performing Arts

The Music Program at Cheltenham Primary School has been designed to give all students –Prep to Grade 6 – a 45 minute lesson every week with a music specialist. All children throughout the school are actively involved in music-making through this program, from singing to instrumental performance, to drama presentations. It is a practical program for practical children and is offered without cost to the students, and is designed so that students can engage with the program at a level they find comfortable and non-threatening.

In addition to this, we allow time at each Monday assembly to showcase a musical performance by a student, or group of students. This promotes confidence in public performance, and allows all the children to see the progress and ability of our performers.

Ceremonial occasions throughout the year are marked with musical performance, eg ANZAC Day, Graduation, and Christmas. The end of year is another occasion involving the whole school in a celebration of Christmas music: all children perform in an outdoor setting with their parents and families in attendance.


At Cheltenham Primary School we have two excellent choirs. Participation in both choirs is large and many performance opportunities are enjoyed by both our singers and audience!!

Senior Choir
This Choir attracts large numbers of boys and girls from Grade 3-6.

We perform for many and varied occasions but our favourite is the “Southland Concert”. This GIG is enjoyed by parents and shoppers as well as our singers


Instrumental Lessons

We are lucky to operate an extensive Instrumental Tuition Program at Cheltenham Primary School. A very large number of students currently participate in the program and this has lead to a high standard of musical performance both in solos and ensembles. These lessons are delivered by fully qualified music teachers.

Lessons are taken in school time. Students from Grades 3-6 are eligible to take part. Students must have access to an instrument in order to take part. Students must commit to regular home practice.
Piano & Keyboard (2 students – half hour lesson), 8 lessons per term, $120 Guitar (small groups – half hour lesson), 8 lessons per term, $90
Brass, Woodwind, Percussion (3 students – half hour lesson), 8 lessons per term & weekly band rehearsal, $104

Instrumental Hire Programme
In order to increase accessibility to the opportunity of playing a musical instrument, our school has purchased several instruments that will be rented to selected students for a 12 month period at a small cost. These include flutes, clarinets, trumpets, saxophones and a trombone.