Outdoor Education

Junior School Sleepover and Barbecue.

As an introduction to the idea of staying away from home and preparing them for camp in year 3 and above. Our Preps, 1’s and 2’s have a barbecue/ sleepover night, where the 1’s and 2’s get the experience of sleeping over at school.

3/4 Camp

Camp Kangaroobie

Camp Kangaroobie is an amazing adventure camp next to the Great Ocean Road. The Grade 3’s and 4’s spend an amazing 4 days and 3 nights exploring this beautiful area staying on a 20,000 acre farm. We start off by visiting the Loch Ard Gorge and 12 Apostles, which links to our unit of work learning about Australia. Then the real fun begins, the activities include a very muddy and wet obstacle course, an environmental bush game (where the teachers shoot the children with water pistols!), learning about the farm and meeting the farm animals, canoeing on the river and trekking to the beach for dune jumping and sand castle competitions. On the way home we visit the Otway fly and learn about the rainforest habitat. It is an action packed fun filled 4 days!

Swan Hill Camp

Every other year the grade 3’s and 4’s visit Swan Hill for an educational camp which links to our Aboriginal and Early Settlers unit of work. We visit Bendigo and ride on the tram and then arrive at Swan Hill Pioneer Village. Here the children learn about life in Australia for the early settlers and they have a go at printing, sending Morse code, making nails in a blacksmiths and building drop log houses as well as going on a paddleboat on the Murray river and learning handwriting in an old fashioned school. We also visit the Nyah Forest where the children learn about Aboriginal survival methods and build their own huts out of wood.