At Cheltenham Primary School, our school works together to understand and improve sustainability in day-to-day operations, curriculum and community. Our vision is to reduce our impact on the Earth in order to produce a clean, safe and healthy environment and preserve resources for future generations. We encourage community participation in environmental projects undertaken, as well as, invite parents with expertise to help maintain and improve our school environment. We also promote sustainable living through educating the school community through our students.


Some of our sustainability initiatives at Cheltenham Primary School include:

  • Garden sessions for Prep – Grade 6. These sessions provide provisions for Kitchen Classroom program.
  • Our lovely chickens who provide eggs for our Kitchen Classroom program
  • Hydroponic fish tank in our vegetable garden
  • Specialist Science classes for Prep – Grade 6
  • Our wonderful nature Sanctuary which is full of native plants
  • Solar Panels on Brownbill Wing of school
  • Collection of water from BER building, music room and Brownbill Wing. The collected water flushes all school toilets, waters the vegetable garden and a number of garden patches around the school