Junior and Senior Concerts

A major focus of the school year is the annual school musical. For the past 9 years, Cheltenham Primary School has staged a large-scale musical/concert extravaganza involving the whole student body and teachers. These have become so large as the school has grown that we have now developed a junior production – a one night performance for Grades P-2, and a senior production that performs a 2-night season for all students in Grades 3-6.

These are the concerts we have put on in the last 13 years:

Pied Piper of Hamlyn

Way to Go

This is Australia

Kids at Sea

Blast from the Past

Kids in Space

Circus Circus

The Senior concerts

2007: Wake Up, You’re Dreaming2006: Conundrum

2008: Finding the Groove

2009: Saturday Night at the Movies

2010: Good Evening and Welcome to Television

2011: Back to the Future

2012: Boogie Fever

2013: Hollywood

2014: All That Jazz

The Junior School concerts over the past few years have been:

2007: You Can Do It Too 2006: Once Upon A Time

2008: Trip of a Lifetime

2009: Beyond the Faraway Tree

2010: Dinky Di Aussies 

2011: Once Upon a Time

2012: Trip Of a Lifetime

2013: Beyond the Faraway Tree

2014: Dinky Di Aussies 

2015: Once Upon a Time

2016: Trip Of a Lifetime