On Wednesday the 23rd of April 2014 6B and 6A walked to Beaumaris RSL and got to talk to some veterans. We sat around 8 tables and spent time talking to 8 different veterans. One of the people we got to talk to was lovely, his name was Roy. He worked on a boat during the war. It was really interesting because he was telling us how he was the youngest person there, how he used to sleep in between ammunition boxes right next to his gun, they had to eat canned food and the longest time they spent on the water was seventy-two days; fifty of which they didn’t see land.

Next we went to a lady whose name was Joan. She was the only lady in the room. We found out about what she did: she worked in the war office sorting documents and cleaning. She said they used to get letters from their boyfriends and husbands. If one of the husbands or boyfriends died they all felt it even if they hadn’t known the person. She said she learnt more discipline and to be selfless but it was also very sad. Most of the women she worked with were aged between 18-38. Overall it was a solemn but interesting day.

Written by Mabel and Jaime, photo by Hamish and Matthew, 6B.